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Time sensitive

I woke up a couple of times this morning. My favorite was the time I woke up and was trying to figure out what time it was. My brain sent my eyes some visuals on clocks at different times in the 4:00 hour, including a Windows style start bar at the bottom of a visual of my bedroom in the dark, which I actually remember said 4:15. For an instant I was appeased until I realized that none of the "clocks" I'd seen were real, my eyes don't actually have a start bar on the bottom of them, and I was wearing a blindfold so I couldn't even have been automatically processing the level of darkness to determine time.
So I took off my blindfold and looked at the clock. It was on the front side of 4; earlier than 4:30, although since I went back to sleep shortly thereafter, I can't remember exactly what time.

I'm used to manually setting and unsetting my mental alarm clock. "Wake me up at 5:30." "Sleep until 10. Sleep until 10." (it takes more effort to turn the alarm off than to turn it on), but my mind throwing the illusion of clocks at ne is a new one.
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