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The road I'm on is straight and holding true

I just unpacked my craft bag to repack it for today. Amoung the things I unpacked was one of the purses my Mom made with her friend Rosie. Mom did the knitting (except the casting on and finishing) and Rosie did the rest. They were in business together selling them, although they'd only sold a few, they had expansion plans. Mom asked me to choose one from her box knowing Rosie would want me to have one. The one I choose is stunning. I'll have to put it in the light box and take a picture of it. It's knitted of pink fun fur. There's an accent trim about an inch and a half down on the purse that's pink rosettes encircled by pearls and a band of white lace. In the center of the trim, on the front side, is a sewn in set of mauve roses and teardrop pearl dangles. On the backside in the center is a pink, plastic, faceted "gem" heart.

The strap is pink ribbon accented with the same rosette and pearl trim.

The inside of the bag has a velcro closure, when opened reveals the pink lining and a side pocket, like for change, Opposite the pocket is the Judy Rose logo. Where the straps terminate inside the bag is accented by gem hearts.

Touching it feels like love.
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