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Small victories

Today was a day of small successes.
I finished a bunch of stuff for a 6:00 checkin.
I had my first work/fitness conflict which ended up resolved to everyone's satisfaction.
I did my first lower body weight training. (I'm looking forward to that tomorrow!)
I finally managed to buy printer ink.
I had lunch with Lolo.
I mailed my Mom a card for mother's day (and MeeMaw a card too)
I didn't get back to the post office to mail a "thinking of you" thing I have, but I have hopes of doing that tomorrow. While I was buying printer ink, I also purchased large bubble envelopes good for that sort of thing. I'm sorta glad I haven't mailed it yet. I really should make a card to go with it. Maybe I'll take the weekend to do that and then send the present out early next week.

Yawn. I think I could fall asleep while typing this. I didn't get to sleep until after 3 last night.
Tags: chores, family, fitness, holiday

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