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But the day after today, I will stop and I will start.

Ultrasound is clear, meaning no cysts and the blood work is negative for pregnancy, so we begin the Chlomid.
two tablets tonight for the next five days, ideally at the same time of evening. So from tonight until Monday night.
Friday I go in for another ultrasound and more blood work.

They seemed surprised that I didn't already have the tablets, but she offered to call in the prescription to their regular pharmacy. I asked if she could fill it at mine. She said she'd try, but most pharmacies don't carry it.

She just called back and said that mine does carry it and speculated that maybe it was a NH/MA thing, but most MA pharmacies don't have it. I told her I live in Bedford MA not Bedford, NH and the pharmacy is actually in Billerica, MA. And she was, "Well, must be a good pharmacy."

Yes it is. I've often said so. I use my Drakken "I am INVEEEICBLE!" icon as a tribute to my awesome pharmacy.
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