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And it chanced that a man was on a road to a foreign city. The road led through a dark forest. As he walked, he came across a man who was walking the same road. "And we are going along the same road," the first man said, "perhaps we may travel together and find safety together."

The second man replied, "I cannot travel with you, for though I do not fear the road, nor the forest, I am afraid to fall in with bad companions who will serve me ill or lead me astray. I do not recognize you and therefore I request that you remove yourself from me for I will not help you."

The first man walked away from the second, sore in his heart, for while the second man had not recognized him, he had recognized the man; a neighbor of his own town with whom he had shared many happy times. He continued along the road, each step pulling him further away from the other man and deeper into the forest. Ahead in the road he saw another man walking along the same path, but remembering the rebuke of the previous man, he was afraid to approach. The other man heard his footsteps and turned around called out to him, "Join me, friend, for it seems we walk the same path and perhaps, if we travel together, we may find safety together, for this road is long and has many dangers." And so the men walked together in safety through the forest and to the city.
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