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Well, since nothing else is working...

Went to the Red Sox game broadcasting at the Showcase Cinemas in Woburn last night. It was interesting. There was a pair of crazy old ladies behind us who kept up a running commentary, either repeating what Eck and Orsillo said, or talking back to them, or explaining to the other one what was going on. It's baseball, so I tried to feel charitably towards them, but a few times, I just wanted to scream at them. Instead I would lean over to Hoppie and make some sort of comment like, "All systems are functioning normally, Captain."

It wasn't awful and I did talk to them a little bit. They heaped curses on poor Manny Delcarmen though, and he did have a bad outing, but he's had lots of good outings and it wasn't unreasonable to trot him out there. Crazy old lady behind me was screaming, "You let these guys on, that's it!" I sorta hoped after the Yankees got their two runs that she would give up in disgust and go home, but alas. Saito held off the further Yankee scoring allowing the Sox to come back and it was a 3 up/3 down night for Pap and the crowd went crazy. Tom is still on the fence about whether he'd go back, but I think I would. The only thing I wasn't too keen on was the fact that there really are ALL THOSE COMMERCIALS. It seems a shame that since it's a cross-sox promotion, they could at least punt on the 7th inning commercials and pick up the stretch. But they are picking up the NESN feed in HD, just like people, so they can't.

I dreamed last night that hoppie and I were out with my parents and I went to the bathroom and my period had started. And it wasn't like a miscarriage, or like spotting, it was like a proper period. I went out and said, "It didn't take." and they were all, "Are you sure." I said I was going to go for the blood test anyway, but yeah, I was sure.

I know it doesn't mean anything. But it did make it harder to get back to sleep.

Blood draw this morning. Tech didn't do a great job, but well enough. Now to wait. (some more)
Tags: dream, natural process, sports

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