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A great conversation with Hoppie

Me: Remember me saying I didn't know when my cell service contract was up? It was up January 15th!
Him: urm. (he's sleeping, remember.)
Me: do you think we have internal alarm systems that alert us when something is going to happen, even if it's something we don't consciencely know about.
Him: Yes. (considering) But mine is late.
(Which is funnier if you know that we have friends who refer to him as "the late Tom Hopkins" because he's always late getting places.)
Okay, well maybe you bums won't think it's funny, but I guarentee Trill will be giggling.

You are beautiful because you always want to make others happy, including yourself.
You are beautiful because you want others to have a
good time when they are with you. Always the
life of the party, there's never a dull moment
around you, whether you're chugging a beer with
the boys, or shopping for new shoes with the

Why are you beautiful?
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