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Sunny days! Sweeping the clouds away

I started a new project last night. It's this one (You can only see if it's you're registered. (Registration is free, they will only spam you if you opt in...yadda yadda). It's a shawl. I'm using the pink Vanna's Yarn I got at JoAnn's on sale this weekend. It starts with a circle, which you half fill with double crochet and it builds from there. So far I'm into my third rep of the pattern and it's beautiful. It works up quickly too. (considering I've pretty much only worked on it last night).

My picture frames arrived from Woot. Wintrmute has always claimed one of them. I'll take the other to the office tomorrow and try it out. If I like it better than my 7" (and why wouldn't I?), I'll probably ask Liz if she wants my old 7".

Good workout this morning. I decided to go for the extra year, which is about half again the price of a year. I need to put together an outline for a book.

I'm feeling sorta excited and bubbly, and not sure why, but I'm determined to enjoy it. Honestly, I think it's in part this new craft project. It's so satisfying to work on something that goes quickly, and it's so soft and beautiful. Pink makes me so happy generally.

Tonight we bottle Hoppie's beer.
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