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So here go!

When Adam missed the second field goal, I knew it was going to come down to him making a field goal to win the game. I was hoping it wasn't, but I knew it was. It didn't matter, I knew the Patriots were going to win, and with a judicious combination of bad play calls on both sides, it turned out to be way more exciting than I was hoping for.

My favorites were the Pepsi with the bear and the SUBway 'eat badly, don't act badly', and the high speed AOL commercials. Hoppie who loves mocking Pepsi commercials remarked, "Ah, the joy of Pepsi is having your house broken into and your ID stolen!"

I walked out of the room and started playing with Cor when the bimbos started singing "Pdiddy, you're so fine. You're so fine, you're blow my mind." That's just all kinds of wrong. Toni, I hope you got paid for that, because it was an abomination, so I missed the much discussed nipple ring. This doesn't bother me.
What did bother me was the "tribute" Aerosmith did to the Colombia astronauts. I thought it was possibly the tackiest homage I've ever seen. The moon landing was cheesy, but at least I didn't feel nausiated by it.

And now, because you have no choice, you will read about my mac.
After a week, I've gotten used to it. I've adjusted just about everything to correctness. I've installed mozilla and set up my favorite tabs. I'm loving the Harry Potter game. Mastercook is working. My internet access is working. Spaceward Ho! is working (like I care). And it's beautiful. Thanks to my apple tech support people (Helen and Janice) for a) bearing with me during the adjustment period and helping me tweak things back to normal. Now if ichat sorted by groups, I'd be really happy.
About work. There are some good things to say.
1) It's intensely pleasing when the project manager calls me by name. Even if it's something stupid like
Yes, put this in the book.
2) Also he thanked me for relaying some information to him. Constant Readers of this journal realize that this proves SAPM to be the completely opposite of MLH, who's way of thanking you is to talk over you until he can't hear what you're saying, and then he adds a demeaning comment or two to forestall any further attempts to communicate.
Also, this week's book is done. I wonder what work on now. I'll work on the glossary until someone tells me to do something else, I think. Also I promised Steve a copy of the book. I'll wait until it's been qualified then ask how he wants it, I think.
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