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Why is life so tiring?

Since Glenn (who owns my gym) is expanding, he's reshuffling and hiring new trainers. My usual Thursday trainer, Amy, has moved to Winchester (and gotten more hours, which I think makes her happy), and we have a new trainer, Lori.

Lori is a toucher, which will take some getting used to. She very nicely corrected my form on the triceps so that's good. Ellen is still not on her regular schedule, so she wasn't working out with me today. Faye was, although I'm not totally sure why since Ena (Faye's mother) was in the previous half hour.

Faye and I both did some cardio before the workout and I did some more after. Ena is the July member of month, so that's exciting. So far in my three months, I've worked out with each of the members of the month (except June, for obvious reasons) So really, that's only two people, but it seems like alot. It says something about the gym that you know people that well.

Ena pushed herself a bit too hard on the treadmill and ended up flying off the back, which scared the hell out of Faye. Ena is not a young woman. She says she was fine, but Faye was jumpy after that (understandably).

Then lunch with Elaine. We wanted to go to fishbones, (not the national chain, but a local fish monger and restaurant) but they were dead crowded and we couldn't get parking, so we went to Sakura and had tasty miso instead of tasty feesh.

I'm exhausted and want to sleep, but I'm trying to focus on work. Bleh.
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