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On people

So today has been a people watching sort of a day.
First, someone I recommended got a job interview based on my recommendation. Go me! (Also "go friend!", but for purposes of this lj, go me!) How that qualifies as people watching, I'm not sure, but it's more an introductory paragraph than anything else.
I'm actually thinking about a few things:
  • Someone is reading this journal who is way cooler than me. We're not talking, run-of-the-mill cool, like hot buttered muffins (which are admittedly very cool), this is like a difference of orders of magnitude, like white tiger cool. He's so cool, I can't even decide if I should friend him back because I am not worthy. Also, I have no idea what I'm saying that would even slightly interest him. I'm having high school flashbacks to when that cute jock asked me out. And even though it was possibly the most boring, yet, physically stimulating date of my then young life, I never did figure out what he saw in me. (Actually, on reflection, its still the most boring date. I was going to put it in competition with that horrible date I had with the racist, but that wasn't boring, that was offensive, which at least kept me awake.) It's kinda like that. Except I probably made more sense when I talked about it then. Actually, having thought about it, I think I do know how I caught the attention of someone so much cooler than me. I icon well.

  • Two more things, kind of related. I got email from an old coworker today. And when I say "coworker" what I mean "manager" but not mine. Maybe it's all those years as a military girlfriend, but managers always remind me of that military quote that the enlisteds get from the enlisted, "Don't call me sir, I work for a living." I've always felt that summed up the difference for me between management (sir!) and the peons (You are here!). Anyway, if my grapevine is correct, and my grapevine is never wrong, he's currently out of work and I think he's getting in touch with me to leverage my knowledge of people and expand his network. Which works for me, but I'm still a peon. I think in peon ways. I have peon friends and people think to ask me for resumes (and surprisingly, sometimes they do), they're looking for peons because that's what I know, and what I do. If I knew of people looking to hire management types, I know I'd be pushing someone else out first, but, then, the type of person I am, I'd probably give them all the management resumes I've accumulated and let the best man(ager) win.

  • Related item: LinkedIn is a network of professionals who talk to each other. The president of my old startup is there. This manager who emailed me is there, that's why he emailed me, actually. Many people are there. And here's what I don't get, these is a really odd cross-section of people, from CEOs to middle-management, to working shlubs like me. What do we all have in common? Not much. I think about our VP, who I shall refer to as Patrick Warburton (whadayamean why? He looks like him! He sounds like him! If this weren't a public journal, I might mention that he turns my knees to jello when he smiles at me, and he does smile at me, no idea why. I'm starting to wonder, actually if I have self-esteem issues again. First I'm not cool enough, then I'm a peon, then I'm not worthy of a smile from the hot VP? What's wrong with me, I ask you!), with whom I have very little in common. He travels around and gets input from people which he correlates and communicates and mandates and I write eensy weensy detail-oriented software manuals. What could we possibly link on?
    Similarly, with these managers. They know what I do, some of them, but I'm not sure I've ever looked at their work with anything like a critical eye. I've never had to say, since they weren't my direct managers, "This he does well. This he needs work on." (except for Joe, because Joe really worked to make himself both accessible and approachable. Although honestly, there is another manager on this last that I didn't work with as long as I would have liked (sack races, long story, don't ask), but I actually do have a strong opinion on his management skills, he's pretty good. So maybe it does all work out in the end.

PS: Dan, you're right about the music thing. Going back and reading it, the song really fits the post.
And while I'm throwing stuff out there, I would just like to add an editorial comment on this post:
"He fucks like he pitches...sorta all over the place" - Missy in Bull Durham.
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