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So all hell broke loose at SS this morning.
First Bellatrix quits because she's too busy. Then our new S.Black upsets our old Crabbe (which actually only sounds funny) who quits, although depressingly enough, I think she wasn't far from quitting last week, so losing the love of her life (Bellatrix) and having the other love of her life (Rookwood) denigrated (I won't say wasn't quite that bad) was just the last straw for her.
Okay, so Cor shows up, and we start a conversation about what to do now. She assigns two comods. And then some idiot asks "Well, would this be a good time to switch to greatestjournal?," well, with all the upheaval, it does sorta make sense, so we open it up to votes. We get a majority. So we start moving stuff. (New Frank here.) Now lets see if I can sum up what happened within the last seven days:
Lost: Sirius Black
Christian Rookwood
Edmund Crabbe
Rudolphus Lestrange
Bellatrix Black
Andromeda Black
(Aiden Lynch (gained and lost in a week))
Gained: Lily Evans
Adrienne Lestrange
Barry Ryan
Albus Dumbledore
EditLucius Malfoy
Sirus Black

So when all's said and done, this could have really, really impressive if we hadn't lost anyone. Hrm. Anyone want to be evil in their spare time?
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