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Out of the corner of my ear

I heard something horrible this morning on the radio; at least I think I did. I heard a commercial that seemed to imply that the Red Sox and Yankees announcers were going to switch broadcast stations during the series this weekend. There was a URL (I think) but I didn't hear what it was, and I think I heard it was sponsored by Verizon FIOS, encouraging you switch! (If I had verizon, I'd switch to Comcast just on principle.) They didn't say whether it was radio or TV, and that would make a difference. If it's TV, that's okay. If it's radio, that's NOT on.

More information if i find any, although a google search didn't turn up anything on this. Maybe I was hallucinating.
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    And hoppie's barely 20 cousin is having a baby with his unwed babymomma today. Perfect.

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