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The wedding

I've been meaning to talk about wedding. It was beautiful. My pictures are up here. It was at the Four Seasons overlooking the Boston Garden on what was probably the nicest day of the year, clear and slightly cool, so that being in dress clothing wasn't horrible. We sat with two of my coworkers, Deb and Mark, with Carl and Mrs. Carl behind us and Elaine and Jack across the way. We weren't sure whether there was a bride side/groom side.

They used white zinfandel for their ceremonial wine. The Chupah was stunning, like an open Sukkah, just covered with white roses and other flowers, and greenery. When the bride entered, Hoppie asked me if I could see her. I said all I could see was flowers and her hair. He said, "that's basically all there is." She is a really tiny woman. The dress was lovely, a mermaid style strapless that was really flattering.

The food was amazing, a fabulous Sunday buffet with an omelet station, including egg white and egg beater options, spinach, asparagus, and the usual vegetables, and the choice of cheddar or swiss cheese. They had a sushi station, and a Belgian waffle station, and a bagel station with all the trimmings, lox, cream cheese, butter, egg, tomato onion, capers, etc. Salad, pasta salad. And on and on. The desserts were stunning too, a blackberry bread pudding, cream puffs, wedding cake, chocolate covered strawberries dipped in pistachio nuts, and stuff I'm forgetting.

They had a jazzy band playing in a very swanky big bang/lounge style. Lots of Sinatra. Lots of classics. A great version of "Brown Eyed Girl." Hoppie has been so Richard Cheesified that he has a hard time listening to it without hearing Richard Cheese's "Ice, Ice, Baby", but I thought it was lovely. We only danced one song together (recovering), but we had great conversation, with very little work talk, which is amazing. People who take vacations, ie: not like me and Hoppie, talked about that. Deb and Mark went to the Islands. Sal recently returned from Italy. We talked about books and shopping and just, we really had fun.
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