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Weekend roundup

In high school I was an INTJ. Then I changed to an ENTP post college, and now an ESTP. What conclusions can we draw from this? I'm louder, but not as harsh. I guess that seems a fair trade off for age.
Extroverted (E) 57.89% Introverted (I) 42.11%
Realistic (S) 53.66% Imaginative (N) 46.34%
Intellectual (T) 53.85% Emotional (F) 46.15%
Easygoing (P) 60.53% Organized (J) 39.47%
Your type is: ESTP
You are a Promoter, possible professions include - real estate broker , chef, land developer, physical therapist, stock broker, news reporter, fire fighter, promoter, entrepreneur, pilot, budget analyst, insurance agent, management consultant, franchise owner, electrical engineer, aircraft mechanic, technical trainer, EEG technologist, radiological technician, emergency medical tech., corrections officer, flight attendant.
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We had Tril and ckd over for gaming. The house is a shambles, but I managed to clear out a tiny corner. We played through most of two games. (which is to say we played about halfway through both, and switched mid game so we'd have time for two. It's actually a pretty good idea. I wish I had done more of that with Monopoly as a child. It was horrible waiting for my brother to kill me.) We had pizza and junk food while we gamed. And we talked. I was fretting, as I always do when I go a long time between seeing Tril that things would be awkward or weird, but it seemed usual when we got settled in. And I don't think I did anything too startling or embarassing.

Before we went out with rocker, we went to see hoppie's mom. She's recovering from surgery. This time they think it went well and they've got everything. She's home now. We'll probably see her next weekend. I wish this felt like it was over.

That's pretty much it.
Oh, no it isn't. I finally beat Draco on the broom! Yea me!
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