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Me and Frankie, Mr. Lonely Heart does my work, and I find Nemo

Well, I took the plunge and signed up for an lj rpg. I'm now the proud author of rowan_magick Frank Longbottom. Ever since I heard Neville's backstory in Goblet of Fire, I've felt a real connection to whole family. Now I feel like I get a chance to evolve Frank from maladroit romantic dreamer (who thinks he's totally logic driven)to hero. It's kinda neat.
Also in other news:
Mr. Lonely Heart tried to make me feel greatful or guilty that he did my work. That was really irritating. The real story (from my perspective is)
3 days ago, I was asking a coworker for information on a topic. The coworker didn't have have information. MLH jumps up from his office and insists that he knows the information and he will give it to me, but he insists the quickest and best way is to give him the file. So, (sigh) I check the file into source control and let him know what the file name is and where it is.
Fast forward to yesterday, he returns the file by email. I reply asking if this is a courtesy copy and the file itself has been properly checked into code control.
He pops up like a daisy asking if I got his mail. I check. Nope, nothing. He falters a bit and I ask if he means the file mail. Then he's all smiles. I ask if he checked it into code control. He says: No, because I didn't know if you'd have it checked out.
Me: I said in my mail that I was checking it in so you could do your work.
Him: Oh, well, whatever. It's easier this way, just copy the new stuff into your file.
He then goes on at length about who he pestered for additional information and that some of it was difficult to get and concludes by saying that he will now return to his work instead of spending his time doing mine.
I've had it by this point. I say, "I didn't ask you do this."
Him: Yes you did.
Me: No I didn't. You came over here and insisted that it was quickest for you to do it. All I did was ask for the names of people to talk to get the info.
And he sorta fluffs it off the way he always does.
And I saw Finding Nemo last night with hoppie and rocker. It's fabulous. I must remember to tell my dad to go see it. Finally a movie he and my mom can enjoy together. Dad for the fishy details and mom for the cute and humorous plot. I'm in awe of the tremendous amount of planning that went into it.
and that's the way I see it....
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