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A strange dream

Town elections are coming up (this is context and dream) and in my dream I had some people over discussing it. I had apparently agreed to host a town forum in the house or something. So there were about about five women and one man over discussing issues. Hoppie comes home at some point. Oh, and I find out one of the women is running for school board. She's intelligent and well spoken so I decided to vote for her and to tell hoppie about her. Then they went away (except a Stacy I knew from HS, I thought she left, but she was in the house later.) Then there's a knock on the door, and it's a bunch of Howard Dean supporters canvassing the neighborhood. The odd thing is we have a pillbox type house in the center of a cul-de-sac, instead of living at the last house on the cul-de-sac in a colonial. And it's brown. ew. Anyway, I'm explain to the Dean Supporters that there isn't any point canvassing with us because my husband is a republican and we have political deadlock in the house and anything I vote for, he'll just negate with his vote (less important in the context of primaries, now that I think about it, although still true), and I see one of my coworkers with his son. They live on the Bedford-Billerica line (so he says.) and they were just interested in finding out how one donates to the school. He actually had bagged pizza dough in hand to donate to the school. I told him not to bring that to the election of the school board, but to run it by the school directly although I wasn't at all sure they were looking for that. Anyway, I invited him in and introduced him to hoppie. (very nicely. "Hoppie, this is X and his son Y", "X, this is my husband, Tom.") They met each other politely, and I felt upset that my kitchen wasn't cleaner, but what else is new. Then he left and I got waylaid by another Dean supporter. "You're not a Dean supporter, are you?"
Him: No
Me: Good. Then what do you want?
Him: Well, actually I did want to talk to you about Howard Dean...
So I explain to him in graphic detail how about I've been in the Kerry camp since he announced his candidacy, and he wasn't going to change my mind and we started talkin about the tax and spend issues and I pointed out that Kerry was a moderate who was as like to vote for one social program as to vote against another. Anyway, while we were talking this other guy slips into my house. I don't worry because I figure hoppie will show him out, but when he comes out alone, I stop him.
Me: I hope, for your sake, you haven't taken anything from my house.
Him: (looks startled) um, no.
Me: Then you won't mind if I call the police, just to be sure.
Him: well just this watch. It's the famous watch I found last weekend that doesn't work, altough he's managed to fix it.
Me: Well, if that's actually all you took, you're welcome to keep it. But I think you'd better come inside and wait while I call the police.
Amazingly enough he does let me hustle him inside. I sit in him a chair and call for hoppie. It's then I notice Stacy on the couch, sitting there quietly taking all this in. I call the police while hoppie watches him and he starts talking about how he didn't want to take anything. It's my fault because I was tempting him by not wearing any scent. In my mind I'm imagining the trial now. His lawyer pointing out that I'm discrminating against him because he's black while I tease him with my unabashed sensuality. Give me a freaking break!
And then I woke up while still on hold for police.
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