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Another bug dream

I hate dreams with insects. I can never get back to sleep after them. I always feel that I'll have to return to the same dream and face the bugs again. They're not usually nasty biting bugs either, just random wriggling bugs.
These looked like a blue version of the worm things you find eating corn. In my dream I was cracking an egg and they started crawling out. Then oddly enough the egg turned into a bunch of a bananas and they were all over it. I made my dad come over and deal with it, but meantime, some escaped into the sink and the floor. I gathered a couple off the floor and took them outside. Dad was concerned about the eggs getting everywhere. I couldn't squash them though. I wasn't able to exert enough force, so dad had to do the squashing and I carried them outside. We were still trying to get rid of them when I woke up and the implication was that some of them had dropped off some eggs so we were going to have another crop coming. The good affect was that I wasn't hungry for an omelet anymore.
What does it mean (if anything)? I'm open to ideas.
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