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July 9th, 2010

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12:46 pm - What an unpleasant character

I'm reading this book and the lead female is basically horrible. She's not mean spirited or unkind, but she's selfish and spiteful and very self-absorbed. Her opening gambit is to lock the man she loves in a tower so he can't marry another woman for her money. Then she realizes she loves him and they get freaky. Okay, I can accept that.

But now, having realized she loves him, she refuses to marry him because she thinks he doesn't love her and her mother became an alcoholic slut because her father didn't love her mother. So she decides that's the thing to do; become an alcoholic slut that is. He finally does get her to marry him because her older brother is killed and her younger brother is truly odious and doesn't want to marry her off because he wants her money, and by contrast has decided he'd rather whore her out to get more money from her existence.

So faced with that, she finally agrees to marry the man she loves and then proceeds to act out every time he does something she doesn't like instead of waiting and rationally talking about it with him. I think the last straw for me was when she rode completely starkers up the front steps, into his gentleman's club, through a number of rooms and then out a second story window. I don't care how besotted, how damaged he is or how tormented she is, that would be the end for me. The drinking and the high stakes gambling I could forgive her, but that is beyond what I could accept in my wife. Particularly in that time period. (late Napoleonic wars)

His response? Well, obviously he's wrathful and chases her all the way home. She grabs a whip and beats him a few times. I had to reread that bit because it I thought it would have made more sense for him to beat her with it. He takes it from her and breaks it and ties her hands and proceeds to make very sensual, if slightly wrathful love to her.

My suspension of disbelief entirely broke at this point. I expected him to move out of the house, or refuse to have anything to do with her. If she wanted to be a trial to him and scandal to the world, let her...but I would have walked out rather than return to her without an explanation and an apology. After they have lots of sex all night, she tells him they need to stop having sex while they get to know each other. And he goes along with it. No! No! No! I think you forfeit the right to dictate terms after you've done something so scandalous, so humiliating, that even today it wouldn't be acceptable. Then, her cousin, the duke would have been quite within his right to confine her to a sanitarium.

Furthermore, the next day, a troupe of town women come to the door. I think they are there to upbraid her for her scandalous behavior and tell her they will deny her custom etc. because they run quite respectable establishments, thank you very much, and they want none of her wild, wanton, wicked ways. But no, no one mentions a thing about the naked chick riding through town and the gentleman's club, instead they want her to take their part against her brother, the aforementioned ass who is determined to tax everyone to death so he can support his gaming and whoring. (Although he doesn't really seem to do much whoring. He seems to get all his sex for free, so I'm not quite sure why they keep listing that against his expenses. It's not even like he buys his sexual partners anything (can't call them mistresses because they are their own mistresses in most cases)).

I think I shall have to post her to canon sues.

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Date:July 9th, 2010 09:40 pm (UTC)
What book was this? So Iknow to avoid it.

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