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Dream a little dream of Kashrut

The beginnings of the dream are sorta vague and scattered. The elements I remember are hoppie and rocker leaving me to wait in a small arcade with three pins, all off. (all on by the time I left) one of them I didn't like so I didn't play. One I played and was enjoying despite the fact that it had no glass top on the machine and the balls jumped up if you hit them too hard with the flippers. Part of the challenge was keeping them on the machine.
The next snippet I remember is watching a movie while my mom was sleeping on the couch. This is the real couch that we have here in the house and the real TV. The movie was about a team of lone wolves who were recruited by a clandestine organization (if I may borrow the She Spies phrase, although it was nothing like that. More La Femme Nikitaish). We were watching the origins of the team coming together, but the only one I saw completely was the scientist who was played by Crazy Eddie from First Wave. His story was that he'd applied for the position and been accepted. But the position wasn't exactly as advertised. You signed their contract certifying that you'd work for them for a stint (8 years) and they pretty much owned you, otherwise they'd kill you on the spot.
Meanwhile, my mom woke up and was talking about my aunt Roberta visiting to see the baby. (Oddly enough, both true. My aunt Roberta is going to KY this weekend to visit (probably there already) to see my nephew Nat.) This part of the dream is probably just jealousy.
The rest of the dream is the most clear. My friend lensedqso
was helping me look for an oven to bake my Derby pies in. We stopped at a Kosher bakery and showed him our ingredients but he decide he didn't like our pie crust anyway (it's OU so there was no reason for that!), possibly 'cause he makes his own. He suggested someplace way out Roslindale(?), and Janice argued with him, but while she was arguing, I realized his own wasn't dairy anyway (parve cookies he was making even while we were talking), so that wasn't fair.
So we went to use the oven at the apartment work was using for a conference (?) since it cleaned between each use and these people weren't the cooking type. On the way there, Jan asked me why I couldn't make them at home. I explained that my oven was meat and the pie was dairy and I would't have enough time to clean it and switch them. She felt that the people at the conference would object, but I didn't think they'd care, so off we went. She hung out with the conference people while I started to clean the oven out of all the pans and stuff in it.
Then I realized I'd left the eggs at home so I went to get those and then I lost my palm somehow and was trying to use mp3 player to get the recipes. But I found it on the conference and then woke up on my way back to stove.
Of course upon awakening, I realized it was true, my oven was meat and there wouldn't be enough time to turn it dairy. So I'm cleaning it now and I'll cal and make my apologies around 9:30 and ask if there's something else I can bring tothe first party. I should still get pie there for the second.
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