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Snippets from a real life...

Yesterday Jan came over to talk to Wayne. Wayne and I were talking and giggling as is our wont.
I look at Jan and before I can censor myself I ask, "We're not making too much noise again are we?"
This sets Wayne off on a fresh set of giggles, and Jan says, completely seriously, "No, you have not bothered me in quite a while. Now it is Ilene (Elaine, for those of us who pay attention) who is disruptive."
More giggles from Wayne. I have no idea what to say.

So as I'm writing this, Wayne comes over. We look at each other and burst into giggles. (we are SO mature!)
Then Wayne sits down and tells me the story of how the only woman he ever loved moved to Ireland and has just performed the emailing of him. It is a long letter, he explains, and his fragile mind is having a hard time coming to grips with a) that he has an email from his One True Love and b) It's a long letter. To resolve his issues, he continues, he must print out the letter to be perused at his leisure, however, not wanting others to pry into the affairs of the mysterious and aloof Wayne, he cannot allow others to view this letter, and certainly not before he, himself, has had perusal opporunity. So the letter is forthwith dispatched to the printer and he leaps like gazelle to claim the enobled parchment containing the long-awaited missive from his lady fair, when, upon arrival by the side of the printer, he notices that the printer is engaged! Printing a 1000 page document! With my name on it!
And so it is again that I have stood between Wayne and the path to true love. This, I have decided, is my true vocation, and spiritual calling. Also, it seems to a highly developed skill.

"Right! A general 'Blek' and I'm off!"
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