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Apologies for the second poll.

I did not realize I would not be able to buy the shirt for hoppie, or I would have polled about this at the same time.
I have many arguments in my head fighting for supremacy. I figured I could let them battle it out until inertia took over or:Poll about it.

Poll #254138 TShirtorNotTshirt

I cannot get hoppie a "Got Garlic?" shirt. They are sold out. Should I buy him an Alton Brown shirt instead?

Yes! The Sage Green Sage Green “Always Think Before You Cook” shirt.
Yes, the black "May the food be with you" shirt.
What is it with him and Tshirts?
Let him buy his own damn shirts!
You should get both. Only TWO AB shirts can compensate for the pain and suffering resulting from loss of the garlic shirt!

You were saying?

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