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Weekend roundup

I had many dreams last night. I can't even remember half of them. I should start keeping my palm by my bed again. The two I do remember are:
In one I was governess to a society girl (???). We solved the mystery of the missing emeralds by realizing it was the children (two boys, young teens) who had killed Aunt Sophie and someone else, and were about to kill us, but somehow we turned the tables. The society girl did the unmasking while I waited in the dining room, being discretely out of the way. With me in the dining room was Sir Thomas (just milord, to me), the younger son of Lord somethingorother, and I encouraged him to offer for my society lady because she was crash hot, and all society and connected and stuff, and I wanted to see her married well, so he went off into the kitchen where everyone else was.
I meandered off into a sitting room. My lady came in and told me she'd had two proposals of marriage based off her story and she'd decided to accept one. I braced myself for her saying that she'd decided to accept Sir Thomas, but I was in for a surprise. She'd decided to accept the proposal from the Klingon and fight alongside with him. My first thought was that was no life for a gentle lady, all that rough sex, but I didn't even have the language to articulate it, and she was so happy. I should be happy too, she decided and she would find me a husband. No don't. I thought inarticulately, but she was gone. I reclined on the couch and covered my face so I wouldn't have to be seen in my shame and embarassment. Who would want me? I was a governess. She came back in and I was afraid to see if there was anyone with her. The light in the room increased and I knew someone had switched on the light switch and was looking at me with the bag resting on my face. That just made the embarassment worse, and I definitely wasn't taking it off now. It was better if I didn't know.
My lady told me that someone was interested, and, he has a pedigree you can be proud of!, she told me forcing something into my hand. I removed the bag and looked down, still not looking to see who she had with her, and I saw the caption.

Sir Thomas Quentin-something Something Esq.

(I want to say it was Quentin-Mallory, but I think that just sounds familiar from Sliders)
Other titles followed on the lines, and there was a summary of his land holdings, property entailments, and family history. (compiled into a brochure that bore a suspicious resemblance to a shareholders meeting disclosure brochure). I looked up at him and he smiled down at me. And I melted. He held out his hand to me, and I kissed it. And then I nibbled on it. He wiped it off and I was a little hurt. Did that mean he didn't love me? He was just doing this so I'd not lose face after my lady's declaration of my availibity? But I didn't have much chance to brood because I woke up.
The second dream, I was at my parents house. Hoppie and I had driven down for something and I walked into the family room and my mother and kyzoku are sitting on the couch talking about TiVo. Or maybe mom was talking to me, and I directed her to Chip, who I pointed out was upgrading mine. He wasn't the only other odd guest in the house, but he's the only one I remember.

And now for some unrelated
I may be posting a retraction for this tomorrow, but I anticipate a great deal of hoppie frustration coming. We have a number of projects around the house. Things I can't do like hang pictures, or install lightbulbs, and they've been randomly accumulating.
It's a dangerous disgression, but I would like to answer your unspoken question about why I can't do these things for myself,
I'm a danger to myself, others, and walls with a hammer. There's never been a hammer experience that didn't turn out poorly for all concerned. I've given up using a hammer. If I can't use the business end of a screwdriver to bang something in (very quickly, no more than two hits, maybe not even that), I don't do it anymore.
Also, I'm acrophobic so lightbulbs are problematic, although when the need is great, I can get around that. These lightbulbs are not ceiling bulbs though, but are actaully intended for floor standing lamps. Unfortunately, they're a set of three lamps mounted on a single base with an approximately 8" deep globe, and stand about 5'8", which is about 4" taller than me. Even on tip-toes I can't get the bulb down to the base of the globe to screw it in. I could probably use a step stool, but *shudder* heights trump interest. I can't tip the lamp towards me because a) hoppie will kill me if I scratch his wood floors and b) it will be the hard to maintain the balance of the other two base mounted, but otherwise free-standing lamps while screwing the bulb into the third. So the lightbulbs sit next to but not in the lamps. And they have for about three weeks.
That said, we brought some new media shelves yesterday. We have needed them for awhile. One of ours broke ages ago, and we've needed more anymore. So we replaced all of them with a set of 30$ shelves from Home Depot which are quite attractive. We brought one upstairs last night and I started to put it together this morning. I have it half assembled. To connect the top to the bottom, you have to hammer a set of hammerable screws in. I don't even know where the hammer is. Hoppie hid it after the last time I tried to use it. I was thinking when I initially was looking at it, I could skip nailing on the back bit as it doesn't actually provide much in the way of support anyway, and we don't care if there's a back, but we can't do without the top and bottom being attached together. And so, my friends, I feel that we have reached an impasse with the shelves.
Who wants to start the odds betting on how long I'll let it go without hunting down the hammer myself? I'll get in the side bet action which estimates how much damage I'll do to myself in the process.
I know, I could work on the acrophobia thing, and I try regularly. I don't even like getting into trucks because they feel too high.
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