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In which my dreams get insanely political

So my company was sponsoring a speech on the Trump victory tour. And Hoppie (Hoppie?!?) managed to get us two tickets. I didn't want to go, but Hoppie pointed out that I dragged to John Kerry, so I owed him. Bleck.
So we drove to the parking garage where Trump was scheduled to speak. At the gate, the guy asked for our tickets. I was driving and I said, 'He has them."
Hoppie went looking for them in his pockets, but the security guard immediately waved us through and Tom didn't have to show them. Probably because he didn't actually care and, I thought cynically, they honestly didn't have enough people interested in hearing him, so even if we were crashers, at least we were more bodies.
We took a seat in the back and waited as the garage filled up. As we got closer to speech time, it was clear there were plenty of open seats, so Tom asked if we could move it. I assured him I didn't care either way, so we moved seats like 3 or four times before we settled. The last settling was in the 3rd row, middle section. (it was set up like theater seating with smaller right and left wing seating and a large middle section) He moved in to sit on the other side of a family of three; a father in the middle with two boys on either side, but then everything started, so I just sat there on the end in the open seat, next to one of the boys, who made a face at me.

Trump came in to dry ice fog and applause. I rolled my eyes. I had my camera in my hand, figuring I'd take a picture of Trump at some point during the speech. Instead of going to the stage though, Trump decides to glad-hand his way through the audience. He shakes a few hands in the first two rows and then sees my phone and comes over to me, and demands, "Hey! Let's get a selfie."
DUDE. I do not want to be in a selfie with you. But it feels rude to say that, although he must have must have felt me recoil as he flung his arm around me and grabbed my phone with his other hand.
I get my phone back and try to switch it to selfie mode, but I'm too flustered and weirded out. He grabs the phone back and ends up shooting some video of who only knows what, before getting the phone straightened out and snapping the selfie.
Then he hands it back with a big grin and tells me to show all my friends, while I'm literally thinking, "I will never show this picture to anyone ever."

So I was visited a friend in a restricted community. The community itself was isolated in a large multistory building. And within the community, there were various enclaves (or clans). I had been invited to join him and his family for dinner, but as there was a possibility of dinner running late, beyond gate closing time, or me not wishing to drive home after dinner; I packed for an overnight stay.

From my perspective, the enclaves weren't enclosed in any way, they were just areas. My friends area had some nice hanging decorations, and a large table with chairs. I didn't see any beds or real living area, so I think those must have been behind doors or something. I didn't really think about it in the dream. But what I didn't see and did think about was a storage location to stow my stuff. They didn't have one. They had an open like coat closet, but no storage bins, as I'd seen in other sections.
So I wondered further down, past my friend's place looking for storage cabinets so I could store my stuff out of sight. I know in the case of theft, there would be nowhere for the thieves to go, but there were a lot of enclaves, and I just didn't feel comfortable leaving it out. I found a bin that was unoccupied, and I started to put my stuff in it, but there was a creepy guy sitting at his table nearby watching me intently. The intensity of his stare discomfited me, and so I decided not to leave my stuff there, but just to take it back with me to my friend's enclave, and either put it in the open coat closet, or under my feet at the table. I took my stuff back out, closed the cabinet and turned to walk away.
He followed me, and yelled for my attention. I turned towards him to indicate that I was listening, but kept moving back towards my friend's enclave. "You can't just do that! How are we suppose to grow our enclave?"
"I wasn't, I'm not a member of the community. I'm just visiting a friend. I'm not here to join an enclave."
He followed me for a bit, still yelling about how I should join his enclave and not lead him on, but he cleared out when I got back to my friend's enclave and he and his family were there.
I stowed my stuff in the coat closet nearest his enclave and we had dinner (I guess. I don't remember any of it.)
I wasn't tired at bedtime, but I think there must have been a prescribed bedtime. I was alone in my bed and I was playing a game on the transponder. Every member of the community and all visitors had locator transponders at all times moving through the community. It was a grey sphere with red LEDs and a video screen. Anyway, I finish the game and the transponder started emitting a very loud alarm. I quickly shut it off so as to not wake anyone up. Then a loudspeaker came on saying, "Someone has shut off their transponder. Reactivate your transponder immediately or we will initiate a Community-wide search." (or something like that.)
I quickly turned it back on and, of course the game completed alarm came back on. I quickly moved to the elevator to go to office and figure out how best to resolve this issue.
I got to the office and explained what was going on, including that I didn't realize that when I completed the game, this alarm was going to happen. And why is that by the way. And maybe despite the usual protocols and the lateness of the hour, I should just go home.
"You can go home, but the baby can't. The baby is ours?"
"What baby?"
"The baby you're carrying."
"I'm not pregnant."
"You are. And the baby was conceived here, so its ours. The baby has to stay."
I have not done anything that would result in baby making.
And they explained that, no, in fact, I had done something that could have resulted in becoming pregnant and based on their tests, I was, in fact pregnant. (As I mentally review everything I did. Was it something in the food? Drink? Transponder? No idea.) And while I could leave, the baby could not leave. And as we were currently a bonded pair, that meant I couldn't leave.
Not that I would leave my baby with those people. Under any circumstances.
I woke up confused and wondering what the hell to do.
Tags: dream, politics

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