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So I cast my ballot for John. Oh, you mean there's more than one? Oh dear. Now which one did I pick? Doesn't matter. A John's a John, right? And all Johns are democrats. That's my brilliant political summation of the day. Keyboard still hasn't reappeared, darn it. So I bought a new one yesterday. It should be here Thursday. I still keep hoping it will magically appear somewhere like my car, or my office underneath something, but no such luck.
I feel very at loose ends without it. Like emasculated. I never thought of a keyboard in such Freudian lights before.
Saw Return of the King last night with Rocker, but as I came in different car, I didn't get to hear his impressions. I thought I'd posted my initial impressions ages ago, but checking back, I see that I didn't. I shall do so
It's a very long thing to sit through for 3 minutes of Sean. Which doesn't mean I wouldn't do it. I still prefer Clarissa or just about any other Sean movie with the possible exception of Ronin, which does net him a whole 10 minutes of screen time, but no, given the options, I'd rather watch Fellowship of the Ring a few more times. It reminds me of a line from coupling (half remembered, don't sue if I get it wrong), "Do you know how how long... [she's] naked in the movie!?" (said by Jeff in outrage), "About one minute." "Well, yeah, if you watch it at normal speed."
Of course, at least the second time I knew when to settle down for cat naps. You know, any time Liv Tyler shows up with sounding increasingly like she has lost a lung and can't speak above a whisper (speaking of James Bond (which we weren't, but we were thinking about Goldeneye (yum! Sean Bean)), shades of Live and Let Die) [I did not just nest three layers deep in paranthetical notation! Bad girl!] , or when Gollum breaks bread on Sam. It's just too painful to watch.
Of course, even on the second watching, I was irritated about Sauruman's short shrift. I think in the book, Sauruman is my favorite character because his descent mirrors the ascent of the heros, but it didn't have to be that way. He made one foolish choice, he trusted himself too much, and then he was completely consumed by the consequences of his action. So consumed, that he never even saw it coming, and so crafty that he made it hard for others to see it as well. Sauruman is a beautiful crafted character, calculated to show the price of failure, the cost of evil, and pettiness to which even the loftiest can sink. Of course, you wouldn't know that if you just watched the movies....
I was struck again with how little the palantir was stressed. I mean, we know it was used to corrupt Denethor and Sauruman, and entice Pippen, but you barely see that. All I got was this feeling that movie was telling me Pippin was the nosy curious hobbit who refused to stay out of trouble. This is the point where I chuckle and say that perhaps I am a foolish old man.
One more comment, then to my meeting. The credits were worth watching the movie for. I wonder it would be possible to get a printed copy of that Sean Bean drawing.
Yum. Sean Bean. (pictures linked in from

And that's all for this edition of the Sean Bean drooling squad.
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