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XML and keyboards!

So my replacement keyboard is here. It's a pretty bare bones package. Two keyboards with cases, each in their own plastic bags. Also two pieces of paper, one in with one of the keyboards providing information about where to download the doc and drivers for it, and the other the shipping invoice. I'm all good with it, because I still have my original box, manuals, CD etc. So I have a keyboard again. I shall swagger and act manly. Because I can. Because I should. Because I will.
I'm installing emacs, and badly, on my PC so I can start playing with XML and XSL(T). Any words of wisdom and/or encouragement are good. Wayne is helping me, bless his heart. I shall reward him by not sexually harassing him while he helps me...or is it that I'm supposed to sexually harass him as a reward? I can never remember which is which! I'd take the harassment quiz, but alas, the site is down. I'll just have to trust that I passed the test once, I can pass the real world too. Heh heh heh.
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