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G-d is a meanie

In my heart I will built a sanctuary
To magnify His honor,
And the tabernacle alter I will place
On the beams of your greatness.
And for the eternal flame I will take,
The fires of the Sacrifice (of Issac),
And for the sacrifice,
I will offer Him the uniqueness of my soul.

I recognize that when one makes a request of G-d, one should approach with a broken spirit. How broken? Late again this month. (Bless me father, for I have sinned. It's been 37 days since my last period.) So this morning, just to set my mind at ease, since having been through this for a few months, I've now learned to recognize it for what it is, and to prevent getting my hopes up, I did the pregnancy stick thing again. Before the results are even in, all of the sudden, I start bleeding.
Now is that even slightly nice? I appreciate irony as much as the next girl (which is to say "not at all"), but that is really just beyond what is reasonable and acceptable.

Also, we picked up Rien's snow. Something else which is unreasonable and unacceptable.
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