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You are NIGEL!
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I have compulsions. Right now I'm battling several compulsions at once. First I have the munchies something terrible. And the caf has nothing interesting to eat. Although there are green snowballs in the vending machine. I think they're supposed to be green. So since I have nothing to eat, I'm now thinking about what I would eat if there were something. I was thinking of sneaking off to Chelmsford Center for Japanese, but Miss Laina is home today, and it's no fun to go alone. They do have slightly edible food here for lunch and I could do that, I suppose. Or I could go home and have pastrami on pita and play more Harry Potter. But then I'd have to come back to work. I could sneak up north and do some of the queued up shopping since Frank's presence is requested and required to be sitting his ass down and paying attention to other people (read: I'm busy) tonight. Hoppie said he would shop if I would remit the shopping list. 8-)
This is a very boring entry.
So this morning one of my coworkers brings a book on heraldric symbols into my office. This is no surprise, we were discussing the topic last week (although as it turns out, it was two weeks ago today.), so I figure this is a follow up. I expect him to tell where the relevent sections are, but he offers no further information. I see a packet of fish in the book. I look at them. They are colorful and charming. I move them to another hand to examine the book more closely. This prompts an odd looks. "What?" I ask. "They weren't keeping your place were they?"
"No." he replies.
I put them at the back of the book and continue on. Turns out that he brought the fish in to see me as per my request of yesterday that I be permitted visitation with said fish which are believed to generate luck in money matters for the owner. The book? Well, that was just an odd coincidence. It happened to be a good fish preserving size.
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