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Another odd dream

I don't remember how it started, but I remember at one side shifting to the other side of this large auditorium between speakers. I sat next to hoppie and while we were waiting for the next seminar to start, a guy came who looked like my Uncle Bert. Hoppie said, "why does he look so familiar?" and I said, "Because he looks alot like my uncle Bert." so he calls him over before I can tell him that I know for sure it's not Uncle Bert, because Uncle Bert is dead. So he comes over and starts chatting me up, which is vaguely disgusting, so I manage to pawn him off on someone else.
Then I'm walking down the corridors and I end up in the alien section, which you can tell because the shapes of the doorways changed to rounded, arabianesque looking entrances and the colors shifted from beigetones to purple and gold. There are two Starfleet ships on what I now realize is a space station, and I'm on one of them serving under (gerk) Captain Kirk. The Captain has requested and required the other Starfleet ship to remit two of its officers for questioning, but they're refused, but they've had no good reason and the Captain had the authority to request the questioning, and he's offered (since time of of the essence) to drop the officers off onto another space station en routé to wherever the hell it is we're going. Well, after much hemming and hawing, they agreed, but the Captain noticed they pulled back all their personnel to the ship, so he thinks (and rightly so) they're going to cut and run. So before they can disengage from the station, he sends an assault team to break in from the outside. I don't think I'm part of the assault team, but I and another friend and sister crewmember, are in the corridor nearby where the ship is docked. I think to provide additional support to help them return to Enterprise (the interior way). We help the assualt team get out and split up to return to the ship. On the way back (which involved much running down corridors that all looked alike. I had no idea if my legs actually knew where they were going. Except that the aliens quarters were as identified. Corridors to bays etc. were slimmer than the main channel corridors that served multiple bays and areas of interest), I hear the damage report numbers being discussed by the heads of the station. We killed 64 people, half of whom were officers. (They actually said it the other way around. 32 officers died. and 64 people total), and the other guy was saying they should have known not to mess with Kirk. He was mean and tough, and wasn't going to take that from anyone, even his allies. Then they started talking about how much they hated him and they were going to send something after him to take him out once he was gone from the station. They had DNA samples to give whatever to make sure it could find and identify Kirk. My companion hoping they'd tell us more was creeping around behind people trying to make sure they couldn't see her when they talked, but I could see they really didn't care who they overheard, and what we heard wasn't going to make a difference beyond "they were sending something," and really, who wasn't at some point or other. I thought she looked ridiculous. Then at some point, I woke up, sore and tired.
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