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Jewelry and the one world economy

Another dream of me at home. I was returning to college and my dad was talking to me while I packed. And I was taking all my jewelry (most of which doesn't exist in real life). I was looking at a couple of rings, including a diamond cocktail ring, a prettier version of the Jewish star ring my mother got me for my birthday (which I can't wear because it has sharp points and I cut myself with it when I'm sleeping. Another rant exists here, but I'll skip it for now.) Several necklaces, some cheap, some expensive. The one I chose to wear was a thin gold chain with a slim gold "Chai", but I replaced that one with a slightly larger one that was blue enable (possibly cloissone) over gold. And the earrings set I bought at wallmart the other day. I remember being worried that the girls at school would try to steal some of it, but I figured I'd worry about that later, and also that having never brought jewelry to school, they wouldn't expect me to have it now. The thing that struck me most on waking up was that I wasn't wearing my wedding rings. (which makes sense if I was at school, but then why would have the earrings I just bought or the ring my mother got me recently?)

This picks up with my rant from last week about why people have to release books in the UK I can't get here in the US. The subject of today's rant is Vodka by Boris Starling. I don't know how I ended up on the Harper Collins UK newsletter, but there I am, and it's wonderful. And it seems like a cool book, so I convince my book club to read it. Then when I'm sending Jill the links to the blurb and author interview I read that got me interested, I notice for the first time the .uk address. Hrm.... So I check B&N and they have listed as "not in stock" with a publication date of 1915. Amazon doesn't have either although at least they don't give it a release date. So now we need a light, fun, contemporary book to read for the book club. Suggestions?
Also, my mom-in-law goes for chemotherapy today. Please keep her in your thoughts. Thanks.
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