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Every whisper of every waking hour, I'm choosing my confessions

Report back from Tom's mom is that she's feeling great. Better and with more energy than she has in a long time.
Lennon has a DVD out. Gotta get me some of that.
Hoppie and I finally got to see Big Trouble. I read the book when we were in California for my cousin's Bat Mitzvah which was two years ago, and the movie wasn't quite out yet, but the book was hysterical, and I really wanted to see it. (although I'm not a big Tim Allen fan.) Hoppie agreed to go with me because well, he is a big Janeane Garofalo fan. But then we were so busy, and blah, blah, with one thing an another,we never got around to it. Well, I'm glad we finally fixed that. This is the funniest movie you never saw. I don't think hoppie was amused as I am, but he's vaguely interested in the book. Which I shall dutifully attempt to hunt up.
And while I'm going through my email, I got another
Subject: Classical French Cooking
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2004 21:47:08 EST
To: /me, obviously/
From: /randomuserId/
Do you have the recipe book for Classical French Cooking from the Time-Life Series Foods of the World?

Well, at the risk of being an asshole, if I didn't would it list this
Classic French Cooking
2 Book (1972, 1975)and 2 recipe booklet (1970, 1978)
on the webpage to which I'm assuming they're refering? (It's a reasonable assumption. It's the only place I really talk about my cookbook collection addiction or about this book series specifically.)
But lets not get sidetracked, I'm guessing the question they're actually asking if "Do you have a copy for sale?" or "I'm looking for a recipe, can you send it to me?" or "I can't decide if this is the book I've been looking for, can you give me an idea of what's in it, so it can compare." because no one but me (and possibly hoppie) is the slightest bit interested in whether I own a half of a set of cookbooks in a big series of cookbooks. And to further add to my risk of being an asshole, why can't this idiot just ask what they really want to know. How am I supposed to guess what the actual question is?
So in the absence of actual clue, I sent them back a note saying, "Yes." I did not add what you already know, which is that I have two copies of said recipe book, (and if my palm is to be believed, I apparently picked up a box set so I actually have three, but really, who's keeping count. Oh yeah, I am...) nor did I further add that at the present time, they are not for sale, because I'm a huge believer in Timothy Dalton's "wait till you're asked." I don't think I really want to sell it anyway, even though I probably could. We don't need three sets. Hoppie just wants to make sure he has a set in case he meets a fluffbunny he wants to take off to Tahiti with. I don't want to sell it because I always feel like I get screwed when I sell or buy something. I refuse to charge more than what I paid but I often end up charging less than the final cost because I forget to account for incidentals, like shipping etc. But I didn't start this to whine, the basic point is while I'd love for every item in the world to have a good home with a good owner, I don't feel particularly inclined to sell this book to this person. Not that s/he asked to buy it.

Stalling, oh yes. I have no idea what I will tell my neurologist. My headaches won't quit. Nothing I've tried has fixed them, and, while drug therapy wouldn't have been my first choice, after 3 months of migranes, I'm willing to reup my dosage of inderal and/or add any supplemental medicines she'd care to throw at me. Thank goodness she's the easy on the drugs kind or I'd be a walking pharmucopia by 2. Give me anything. Just make it stop.
Also YEA WARREN!!!!!!!
*dances happy Warren sighting dance*
but he hates what I've done with the place....
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