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MIA post

Well, I wrote a post on my pocket LJ client while I was awaiting the start of my appointment, but it seems to have gotten lost in transit. Anyway, the substance of it was that I don't like the office as much as my old office, but the CNM is nice. I managed to forget that I had the appointment, but as luck would have it, I pulled out my Palm while I was rebooting my machine, and the appointment was there. It was 10 minutes before my appointment and the office was 20 minutes away. I tried to call on the way, but (*sigh*) I wrote the number down wrong (found out later I transposed two of the numbers.) and I got the suit (this time he answered his phone.) I apologizes and fretted.
Of course the nurse and the receptionist made a huge deal out of me being late, but the CNM was cool with it. She assured me it was no trouble, and I was lucky she was on schedule today and could fit me in handily. That made me feel a bit better. Actually she made me feel okay about everything.
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