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Contagious Relentless Negativity

I was not in a bad mood when I woke up this morning. I was a little grouchy that I didn't get all the sleep I could, but I channeled that lack of sleep into finishing up the potions challenge and outracing the troll first time through.
Then I went to work, and I wasn't grouchy there either. I started finishing up the assorted tasks related to the spurious and random product name change. (When you work at software companies, you expect this at any moment. It's like a disaster card in a rail game. You lose a turn, and a load and then play continues. And even as far as disasters go, this one was pretty moderate. No pervasive book changes, no article changes, which is the worst.)
Then, as the morning rolls on, I find myself absorbing grouchiness from the people around me. By now, three hours after I woke up, two hours after I got to work, I'm absolutely grumpy.
BooktitleWithProductName</i> is changing to BookTitleWithNewProductName? Or staying as is?
Haven't made up my mind yet - there are pros and cons to changing it. When I do, I'll send out a note, since the title appears...[as a recommended reading title in just about every book in the docset] and other places.
I'm sorry, but I think a hearty "You suck!" is justified here. I can understand being hestitant about changing it, but, um, MAKE A FUCKING DECISION! Contrariwise, if you're not going to make a decision, it would be manners to tell people that you haven't made a decision. Don't wait until they ask you. Come right out and say it right out in the open. We won't think you're a pussy (anymore than we already do.) Considering we agreed to close these books...tomorrow, and you've had two weeks to think about this, I don't think it's unreasonable to expect this sort of thing to been decided by now. Or at least, I dunno, mentioned.
This, of course, brings up the next question, am I the only one to ask? He replied to me privately, so he could have replied to all other queries that way too.

Edit: I just got a sneak-peak at an upcoming solies post. Now I'm feeling a bit better.
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