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Hey! That's not a rowan! What's wrong with you people?

You are tall and majestic. You're the kind of tree
that likes to take things slow and savor
everything that life has to offer. You like to
be around people like yourself, any time of the
year, at any time of the day. You love heights
and everything that accompanies them. You may
not be the best of friends since you tend to
put your own interest before that of those
around you. You fear being cut down in your
prime, being stopped from being everything that
you could become. You value eloquence in your
mate, and wish to live a long life. When you
leave the world, you wish that you have seen
and experience all that there was to be seen
and experienced.

What's Your Inner Tree?
brought to you by Quizilla

I'd rather be a magnolia, I think.
I manage to skew the results slightly (picking a different method of dying and different qualities in a mate and did manage to get
You are mysterious and adventurous. You're the kind
of tree that's always ready for a good time and
a new adventure. You love things open and in
view. Though you don't give much of yourself at
first, you hate secrets and share when asked.
You love the heat and the light, never wanting
to be caged inside of anything. You're always
ready for a fight, but you never start one
yourself--you just finish it. You love pushing
your senses to the limits of yourself. You fear
what you hate most will eventually overtake you
and that you will be unable to fight it. You
love other trees who are as fast-paced and
energetic as you are. When you leave this
world, you want your life to be one of legends
and tales, so that everyone will be talking
about you even years after your gone.

What's Your Inner Tree?
brought to you by Quizilla
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