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The name game (because I finally give in)

Having seen a number of people doing this, and deciding I didn't have any other names, I finally realized, maybe I do.

Miriam Devorah Easy one, you went to Yeshiva with me.
M.D. not only did you go to Yeshiva with me, but you're too lazy to say my name. Or you're married to someone who went to Yeshiva with me.
Doogie You know me from IRC.
Doogs You're Tril.
Beautiful You're lainmac, Lori (psycho-lesbo chick), or liddle_joanie, (and other peole who remain nameless) but you only do it becuase I started it.
wife You're hoppie. Awwwwww.
Mrs. Hopkins You're rocker. Stop it!
Marc Yesowitz Hell, you could be anyone, but you're probably snagglepuss2
Psycho Bride You are a minor diety, also known as Tim, the guy who runs the Photo place downtown
Your Eminence Thank you Wayne.
Motor Mouth Marci You're Michael's dad and I will never forgive you for that!
Marcella you're my daddy!
Marci Pretty much everyone else.
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