awesome ultimate expert hen (mdyesowitch) wrote,
awesome ultimate expert hen


So there I was, alll getting hot and heavy with Adrienne Lestrange when MLH drags me off to a meeting that will not end. My inner Frank is withering here people. Finish it up. Or instead we could sit here and fight about whether Norbert has a spreadsheet about how big your equipment needs to be. (heh heh heh) I love watching QAgod treat MLH like a moron. (not that it's anything different. QAG always restates things that don't need to be articulated.)
Say "I'm aware" one more time, I'll punch you in the teeth. Even if it means I have to leap across and halfway down the table. Oh, and we lost the project lead 15 minutes ago and just noticed. Who would rather be playing with Frank than this!
Tags: rant, work

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