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Woot woot!

I got a free itunes! I know no one thinks that's impressive because you can tilt the Pepsi bottles, etc to see if you got a winner, but I don't really drink Pepsi products much. (Although I do have a bit of a weakness for Diet Sierra Mist stemming from the wedding party. When we bought Pegasus pins for the entire crowd who came in for the wedding, there were coupons for a free Sierra Mist. So we bought a bunch in regular and diet flavors, and so I tried it and found them both quite to my liking. But I've given up sugar sodas again, so I keep a stock of Diet Ginger Ale, Diet Sierra Mist and various diet Hansen sodas around the house.) So, given that I don't drink Pepsi products (except as mentioned, and also in Israel, where they use the Tempo soda formula which doesn't taste like ass, but is instead quite delicious! YUM!), but I got the bottlecap from one of my coworkers, who has every reason to hate me, because I gave her a PDF with H1s in the wrong place, but she clearly does not hate me, because she gave me a free song?
And if you think this is giddy and rambling, just wait, it can get worse!
Or not. I got distracted. I'll just post this.
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