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More dreams and onion/garlic bread

Had two dreams about Nat last night. In the first I was at my grandparents' synagogue (KI, for anyone who knows the area). As I walked into the main sanctuary area, I saw my brother carrying a big baby who didn't look at all familiar, although I knew he had to be Nat, because my brother was carrying him. But he'd grown so much. He asked me if I wanted to hold him and then directed me to the front row center which is where he was sitting. (we always sat in the center back). So I went up the front and handed the baby to Martha who was in the front row (four seats Mom, Dad, Martha and an empty one for Brian) and sat with grandma in the row behind them.
Everyone talked while waiting (presumably for services to start) but all I could do was stare at Nat.

The second dream I remember even less of. Same Nat from the first dream, only this time at least I recognized him. And at one point he complained (with actual words!) that I was holding him too tightly. I explained that I didn't want to drop him.

I also dimly remember something about a car park, but it's all sorta hazy now.

Last night, I made onion and garlic bread. I took hoppie's fresh grown garlic and garlic greens and combined them with lightly fried vidalia onion and jar minced garlic and then made a standard "french" white loaf. It looks very heavy and didn't rise much. I wonder if my yeast is okay or if it needs to be changed out. It's been a while since I've made bread so it wouldn't surprise me if my yeast was dead. I brought the bread for lunch, so if the bread is unreasonably heavy, I'll change out the yeast for next time.

Mr. Lonely Heart is on my nerve already today. He just did a drive-by informationing which he's not supposed to (now that I think about it). And he's going to my 11:00 meeting, which means nothing will get accomplished. I hope Rick can manage him.
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