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Another strange dream

The first half of the dream was doing stuff and the second half was seeing it respliced with commentary. So I can't swear to how much sense I can make of it.
But were in a sort of a hotel/house, and I think it's where we lived. Rocker was there. lensedqso was there. And Erik Estrada was there. Also some older people. I remember one woman in her 70s I think with frosted blond hair in a sorta odd hairsprayed style. Penn and Teller and their camera crews were wandering us around filming us doing stuff, and making suggestions for what we could do. I don't remember actually seeing Teller, but perhaps that's because Penn never shut up long enough for me to look around. Seriously, Penn was alot of fun to talk to (in my dream). Very witty and clever. Erik Estrada was a stitch too. Always ready with a smile and a joke. So we're sitting around discussing it trying to imagine which of the three Penn and Teller shows we'll show up on. Bullshit, their news show, unsurprising titled Tough Crowd (sorry Colin!), or their quiz show. We figure they'll send us tapes before they run it though and get to sign off on it so they don't get sued. So we're looking at the shows linup for that night on TiVo, and we turn on Tough Crowd. and stuff is happening and then Penn say something about how they will take a look at college campus life at the University of Hawaii: Southern California. They pan in on the map and they get closer and closer, and you see the mountains (probably of Northern California. Apparently I'm no better geography in my dreams than real life) and then you see us frolicking in the back yard and we come in, the camera following us, and I'm looking for myself, I see Erik give a big smile to the camera, and I see Janice and rocker and then hoppie and I are last and I'm discussing something animatedly with him. But the soundtrack is from a later conversation I had with Penn about making Boston baked beans. Then it cuts to a shot of the recipe I use to make baked beans (although me on the couch is thinking, I've never made them.) The recipe is in a spiral bound book, like my Foods of the World series, and at the bottom there's a picture of my mother sitting on the couch which Lucy, our old dog. (who's been dead nearly since I moved to Boston, 9 years?) And hoppie and I are talking about how sweet it is that they have a picture of my mother near the recipe (to imply it was hers, which is funny for other reasons). And then it cuts in and out among various scenes. You see us gabbing at the table doing stuff, while being mocked by the voiceovers. And I remember thinking, "this ought to irritate me to be made a fool of in front of the whole country, but it was damned funny." Meanwhile the usual distractions are happening, people are walking in and out, rocker is watching the show with us. On the show, Erik Estrada does something hysterical and then it ends, and we see previews for the quiz show, and we're on that too. But first they do the easy questions which a younger group of kids and we talk during that part, although we watch it too, because it's still funny.
Then I woke up. If I'd stayed up instead of sleeping another half hour, I'd probably have remembered more details than I do currently, but maybe it's better this way...

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