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Help - The Meeting

So I'm showing the help system we used for reports (which has been mentioned here many, many times, and, alas, there is no value in a twice-told tale) goes like this
TheProfessor: The copyright date is wrong. Still 2003.
MLH: Yeah, I was going to mention that privately. I have a list of things like that I've been keeping to give to you after the meeting, all the little small things.
[Thank you. Have a fish.]
So I write down all suggestions. Even the stupid ones, like "why can't we have help appear in popups!" (although I did answer "because popups suck.")
After the meeting MLH comes up to me and says: I have this list of things I saved from the meeting because I didn't want to embarass you by pointing them out. Just small things that didn't get cleaned up. Like you refered to the ODW as the Object ...isntead of the Operational, and the date thing that TheProfessor already pointed.
Well, thank goodness he didn't bring this one error up in the meeting. I might have been ashamed for life. It would have been tragic to have them know I made one error vs thinking that he'd spotted scads of errors, so many he couldn't even list them within the timeframe of the meeting.
I'm not really tweaked about it though, just amused. Then he stopped by the tell me that he's working on 16 plans and schedules. Dude, I know you're important. You tell me so all the time. I'm happy for you, I really am, and you know what, if they get to be too much for you, I know a lovely young woman would be more than happy to take some of those projects you think you're coordinating off your hands.
Now get the hell out of my office.
Okay, suddenly a week with my parents and my aunt doesn't seem nearly as bad. At least there will be wine. 8-)
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