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Passing over the boring events

So I had a good time at home. As promised, there was much wine (an easy promise, because hoppie and I bring the wine). We got in early on Friday. Our plane down to NY was a lovely luxurious commuter plane, about half empty, and our plane from LaGuardia to SDF was a piece of crap microplane that was mostly full. Mom cooked dinner (which is rare in and of itself) and we had a nice evening catching up at home. Brian and Martha and the baby were out of town until later so we didn't see them that night although I think they called.
The next day, we all went to Shul. They had a big Kiddush luncheon for my MeeMaw's 85th birthday. Wow! Unca Gary did the catering. The Lexington cousins came in, Carol with the baby, Angie, Kelli (Chef Jeff's still in Atlanta working his internship at this point), Aunt Jan, Uncle Steve, Aunt Linda, Uncle Larry, who's like the tallest person in the place. It was really really sweet. The kids were all in town too, so I got to catch up with Chayimka (not so little anymore though, really), Chaya, who's changed tremendously since I last saw her four months ago, Shaina B, Chani, who gets sweeter everytime I see her, and Slimey. I did get to see the baby, but the other two boys sorta vanished quickly. Oh, and my sissy was there with Nat. Did I mention that? He didn't have the easiest time sitting still for services, but he was good at the luncheon. Poor baby is teething and I think he caught a cold while were down there and it was just settling in.
And that night, we all went out to dinner. Hoppie and Dad went together in one car, and me, Mom, Martha and Nat were in the other. On the way down, I see the horse drawn carriages and it reminds me that I need to call Vicky. I wonder if she's working tonight. We get out of the parking garage and walk to the restaurant and I see Vicky standing next to Joe talking and when I look at who she's talking to, I notice it's hoppie! I love it that my husband gets along with my friends!!! So we have dinner, and the food is indifference, the service is horrible, and the drink (I got a blackberry cream soda) is fabulous. The ice cream for desert was good too, although I've certainly had better. When we got home, I made KP jello.
When I got the next day, I took a long, leisurely bath in my parents jacuzzi tub about which there aren't enough words to express my delight, so we'll leave off that subject, and then made three cakes. Then hoppie and dad switched out the dishes, hoppie and I went out with Robin and Vicky. Robin's kids are all doing well, so that's nice. We did the usual. (YUM!) and had Graeter's ice cream, and drove around looking at houses. Lori called while we were out, but my phone died. Then we called home on Vicky's phone to find out my aunt, uncle and cousins and Baby were arrived.
We came on and spent the night in with them, and Brian and Martha came over.
I depart from my narrative style with a few comments. Nat dances. He knows his favorite toys and which ones make music and he dances to them.
My cousin had picked up this horrible habit of whining. I think she picked it up from their dog, Baby.
Whenever I come home from spending time with my uncle, I hear his voice in my head all the time. You don't hear it so good now, but it sticks in my head. So okay. So I've been listening to my uncle all day. It's nothing. And sometimes the voice in my head, she switch to Hebrew and be talking and I hear it and shum d'var, it's nothing. It's a very odd phenomenon.
So Monday, Roberta, Osher and I went to Curves and worked out. I love that they know me there. It really makes me feel special. Then we went to Dr. Roy to get cosmetic contacts for Osher because Woman, thy name is Vanity wants to change the color of her eyes. Then we came home to give dad back his car. Then we bummed around until MeeMaw came over. Then Osher, Roni, and Roberta went shopping and hoppie and I started to peel potatoes for the kugle. Osher and Ben did most of the grating. And we got the Seder plate ready, and made the matza balls and did all the good stuff. Then the family came over, Gabriel and Nat, and their parents, and their parents parents etc. We were 24 (KH) and I got shoved out in the freaking hallway, can you believe it! Grumble, Grumble, Grump. Ben wanted us to sit next to him, and I felt bad shoving hoppie out in the hall (although I think he was anyway, but at least he could see the whole room, I couldn't. I could only see down my table and to about the middle of dad's table. (he sits dead center). Anyway, the usual Seder thing, food, delicious, yum, family, catchup, etc. Did I mention Jeff and his girlfriend were there? Jeff just finished his internship in Atlanta and rushed down for Seder. Which really rocks. Angie had to go to a conference though, so she wasn't there. Jeff's girlfriend is really sweet.
Then the next day, hoppie and I bummed around the house. Hoppie finished the book he was reading. The Davinci Code, Osher read to me from her school newspaper, they went out shopping, we made more kugle and more soup and matza bagles (which I'm really thinking seriously about making here this year. I have all the ingredients, okay, so there aren't that many, matza meal, eggs, oil and salt). Then we had the next Seder. Did I mention the Lambrusco? We had a Lambrusco the first night. DELICIOUS!!! Then I switched to grape juice. The second night, we had a Cabernet Savignion, not the one we brought from Boston, though, Carol and Warren, two our guests brought this one over. And we had another guest, a former teacher of mine. Her son is a couple of years younger than me. The kugle was still good, although the first night was better. The texture was off the second Seder because we didn't have MeeMaw's grater and it's impossible to make good kugle without it.
The next day, we sorta lazed in the morning and Roberta, Roni and the kids did cleanup type stuff. Then they left in the afternoon, and we went to the airport in the evening, but as we're checking in, Sue the manager was trying to negotiate the checkin of the equipment of the Louisville (River)Bats (Cincinnati Reds farm team AAA) I asked if the flight was overbooked, and shonuf, it was. We took a bump and went back to the parents house. Nat, Brian and Martha were on their way over to watch the hockey game, so that's what we did. We played with the baby, and then went to Kroger's to get (I still can't believe we did this) KP Fox's U-Bet Black Cherry syrup. Then we went ot the airport. Caught a lovely, empty Delta shuttle to Cincy. Then a lovely, full plane to Boston. We were home by 2. And now we are back.
Oh, and did I mention Robin gave me an autographed copy of her new book? I shall be reading with great interest.

Where's Frank?
Oh, signing to score another movie, or off making a record deal, maybe pitching a special. No, all I know is where Frank never is. Where Frank never is; with me, working on our show. Well, to hell with him! I've started a play all on my own, but I'm warning you, if he doesn't show here in 15 seconds, I'm walking right out that door!
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