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ZABO: This line is broken. Yes/No/Cancel

Choose your favorite band and answer all questions only with their lyrics!

Band: I don't have a favorite, so I'm just going to use Vanity 6. Because.

Are you male or female?: And a working girl don't have to tolerate the mailman's tricks.

Describe yourself: Oooh, look at me. I'm a baby doll. Pick me up and I'll smile. I may be young, but I'm a whole lotta fun. Do it baby, drive me wild.

How do some people feel about you?: And if I weren't a lady, I'd take my money,
And buy you a brand new face.
Then I'd take my underwear and stick it in your mouth,
And you'd love it cuz you got no taste.

How do you feel about yourself?: That's right, pleased to meet you,
I still don't want to tell you my name,
Don't you believe in mystery?
Don't you wanna play my game?

Describe your girlfriend/boyfriend/interest: He watches television night and day,
He doesn't listen to a word I say
And he's always tryin' to walk me home from school.
He's so good lookin', he's the cutest dude I ever seen
He's my little lover, number one star of my wet dream

Where would you rather be?: When I'm older, I wanna be a movie star just like Greta Garbo.
Well, then I could tell everybody what to do.
Well, she was so cool, it was plain to see that she was in control,
I bet she never played the part of any man's fool.

Describe how you live: Hrm. Maybe Vanity was a bad choice. Prince wrote all their music, so I'm going to include some of his other songs. If it helps, I can narrow it down to songs he wrote for other female artists...
We all the want the stuff that's found in our wildest dreams,
It gets kinda rough in the back of our limousines.

Describe a past love: Back to VanityThere's two things we can't stand
One's a jive talk man.
The other's a jive talk man with no money.
Can you dig it?
(did you just hang up? No. I just said "click")

Choose your favorite band and answer all questions only with their lyrics!

Band: And now I want to do John Cougar Mellancamp. Get in touch with my inner hillbilly, as Wayne might say.

Are you male or female?: He told me this story about some girl he knows in Kentucky/He just made that story up. There ain't no girl like that.

Describe yourself: I was born in a small town/And I can breathe in a small/Gonna die in a small town, and that's probably where they'll bury me.

How do some people feel about you?:
She calls me "baby"
She calls everybody "baby."
And it's a lonely ole' night,
But ain't they all?

How do you feel about yourself?: You don´t have to be so excitin´,
Just tryin´ to give myself a little bit of fun, yeah.
You always look so invitin´,
You ain´t as green as you are young.

Describe your girlfriend/boyfriend/interest:
You can laugh and joke and make fun of your friends,
Spin in the middle when your troubles begin,
Take it nice and easy and always pretend,
That you’re cool, so cool, so cool.

Where would you rather be?:This passing notion of love,
Is crossing oceans above.
Describe how you live: As you brush your shoes and stand before your mirror,
And you comb your hair and grab your coat and hat,
And you walk the streets trying to remember,
All those wild nights breeze through your mind.

Describe a past love: All the old heroes keep comin´ around,
To find you, if you´re still at home
ZABO: mild mannered coder Boris Zalizetsky by day, but by night and during "smoke breaks" he dons his cape and becomes the legendary ZABO! Promoter of refrigerated food and delicious and nutritious eating!
Edit: I keep telling myself to lay off the solies promos, but the my inner cubicle slave and inner geek join me in offering up this juicy tidbit
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