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romantic nerve gas or ass covering mist?

First, major props to Jan for help with the calendars. He doesn't read this journal, and if he did, he'd probably hate me, but it's good that I recognize his good accomplishments if I'm going to recognize that he makes every meeting he's in 10% longer than it would be if he wasn't in it.
Next: New Heather pictures up at ye ole webbe seight. I don't know why I said it that way. Just seemed right.
Arm bruised up nicely. I cut quite a figure yesterday with bandages on two fingers and my arm. Then I got a splinter, not in my hand, it just sorta grazed. The irony is that is the next finger over from the to bandaged fingers. So now that they bandages are off, there are nearly identical pricks in all three. Okay, that wasn't actually as interesting on paper as it was in my head. Outloud it sounds a bit, well, perverse.
Oh! And I got a pen! I will take a picture of it too! It's a legacy of one of the companies Brooks gobbled up. It's a saucy, sexy pen. I am well pleased. I give pride to Linda for the pen.
Also to Bob for trying to fix my machine even though I knew what the problem was and fixing it was as simple as deleting many, many files. At least I found about the mail archive server which no one ever mentioned to me before.
Just one more thing. CompUSA has a 512 MB flash card for 100$ including rebates. Anyone know of any better deals out there?
Okay, just one more thing.

<irq> The second is the SNIF (Sexy New Intelligent Fragrance, or Snap, Needed Influx of Flava), an electronic scent dispenser that monitors your environment, squirting out perfume relative to the amount of air space you are in.
<irq> I thought perfume was supposed to mix with the delicate natural scent of a woman's own skin, creating a heady sublimity that gently whispered compliments to the nose's ear; but no, apparently perfume is meant to be hosed into the air in regular increments as a sort of romantic nerve gas.
<pthree> they have those things for some bathrooms too
<pthree> they spooge ass covering mist at regular intervals
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