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So I lied. I won't really edit...

But hoppie did post.

I had a dream where I was watching a talent show in the Lousiville JCC auditorium. Stephanie threw something at me me from on stage and I thought Jeffery Speigel through it and I was sure it was mean, so I didn't read it until much later, it was a lovely drawing and poem.
At some point the song "In a Big Country" by Big Country was playing because it stuck in my head and I walked around the rest of dream pipping up odd intervals,
But I can live and breath,
and see the sun in wintertime,
In a big country,
dreams stay with you,
Like a lover's voice on the mountainside,
Dreams stay alive.

which I'm not entirely sure is correct.
And Heather was mad because Carla wouldn't let her walk around in the lobby. Carla and Betsy were remarking on what a strong personality she's developed.

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