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Another nightmare - But here in my heart, I give you the best of my love.

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April 23rd, 2004

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04:46 am - Another nightmare
I haven't decided if I want to describe or not.
It's got some roots in this Curves thread that I've apparently internalized. Just for posterity, I will say it was me and JDL (?) against the Anti-Abortion fantatics in a Maxtrix like world where they were way ahead of us. Highlights include some anti-abortion fanatic glomming onto me at a rally because I was holding a bottle of water labled "Curves" (In the dream that meant the opposite of my waking mind would have expected, it meant I was part of a pro-abortion (their term) cabal.). I remember raising the bottle, caressing it with my thumb (It was already missing a piece out of the side, I was just looking for a garbage can, and explaining: "O am already late for work. If you drag me into this [the rally I'd just walked past], I will kill you." While it wasn't as good as debating one-on-one with me, which was their preferred method, they were thrilled that I'd given them a soundbite that showed me up for the heartless killer I was/am. The other two highlights I would mention were in the tunnels. We were being changed by two aa tunnel ships through this red lines pipe that we used to travel. They were 300,000 strong. We were sure that had to be a misprint, but it apparently was the truth. We warned them to back off and then dropped a mine. When it touched their ship, it richocetted off their ship which was made a surge resistant metal apparently and hit against the walls of the tunnel which they'd apparently had lined with the same material, so it bounced off their, and well, you know where this is goinh. When I came to, a doctor scientist was putting everyone to sleep so she could take genetic samples. She tried to put me back out, but her pricker thingy didn't work on me. I told her I would give her the genetic sample she wanted if she would tell me what she planned to do with it. She considered my offer. On the plus side, I wouldn't kick up a fuss meaning she wouldn't have to call the goons to subdue me. On the negative side, she'd have to tell me what was going on, which wasn't as much as a minus, because as it turned out, she was damned lonely. So she told me. They were going to use it to synthesize a drug that would do something. It wasn't a pleasant thought, but I was tired of running and they held all the cards, and I'd made a promise. So I gave her the sample.
She moved on to others, still talking. And as an oh, by the way, the drug would give them control of our actions. Should have seen that one coming. So I begged to be allowed to stay with her. (Not that she couldn't have used the drug to make do that anyway) She was well pleased by the offer and asked if I wanted to be her lover. I'd been thinking more lapdog so I answered (very Franklike) "or whatever." She was thrilled. Apparently she'd tried to seduce my daughter but my daughter didn't love her. This explained something else earlier in the dream.

And then I woke up, body feeling both hot, cold and very numb. Mind feeling very, very awake. I told myself I wouldn't come down and write it up, lest it seem more real to me, but I could barely even close my eyes. So I realized, lj authoring could be both cathartic and help me relax and get back to sleep.
I hate waking up like this.
Current Mood: sleepysleepless
Current Music: ssssh, you'll wake the darn birds!

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