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Weekend update

So after back to back nightmares involving a swarm of united bugs wishing to conquer the world, (I was trying to get into a building behind my old high school and something stung me. I got some exterminators and they were attacked by different bugs, dragonflies. They fought their way in DTD, and a bug monitor that showed the bug counsel of war and their united purpose. It was a bit freaky.) and a glass elevator crash shortly after I got off the elevator in question, I've decided that today is a much better day to launder than to sleep.
Shortly I will be off to collect lensedqso and head to our book club: Volume II; Issue 1, which is to say more accurately, our second try at getting this thing off the ground. This time we're stacking the deck a bit, we're meeting a bookstore so we all look at the book before reading it. This, we think, might give us a better chance at a second meeting and a better chance at getting a non-suck book.
I think, I'm getting sick. I've been congested and queasy for the last two days, and last night I had a dizzy spell going up the steps at one point. I shall be honored to pass my germs along to the book club! None of them were doing anything exciting for the next few weeks anyway. It's probably just kicking into high gear with ALLERGY SEASON! as things in sunny, beautiful Bedford have started producing gallons of the stuff and the merciless wind is happy to bring it to me. And hoppie, bless his heart, left the door open yesterday while he was out prepping the garden so my happy fortress of solitude became a bug bearing garden of death. Actually that probably is where the bug dream came from, because there was a large bug that looked not unlike a lighting bug, but I don't think that's what it was that (I would say attacked, but) approached (is probably more correct) me yesterday while I was reading in a quiet bundle minding my own business.
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