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So I guess here's when you know you've had too much role playing. In my dreams last night Ron Weasley murdered a bunch of people so that he could be as well known as Harry. Harry and Hermione were in the dream too, and I don't remember who I was. I might have been any of the kids at one time or just an observer. I remember "waking up from the dream" on the couch and thinking, oh it's Saturday, I can read another chapter. So I reached over and got the book (also on the couch) and opened it up to read. I must have woken up then because I don't remember actually reading anything. I was, of course, not on the couch, but rather in bed, which is a perfectly reasonable place to be when sleeping.

I picked up an airco unit for Lori today. Talked rocker and hoppie into joining me for lunch. (score!) And got a replacement copy of The Perilous Parlor game. They also had the Series of Unfortunate Events Magic 8-Ball (see pictures here: front of 8-Ball, back of 8-Ball). So I feel sassified.
and you can always tell when she gets sassified.
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