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Balancing out the days

Hoppie wants me to write this one up. Last night after dinner, we went to Circuit City to buy that 512 MB CF card I've been pining for ~70. So we wander around through memory in a few different sections before we find the hole that indicates where the memory should be. So we're waiting for a sales guy, waiting, waiting, waiting. Hoppie is ready to give up and go home long before me. I'm practicing my puffing up to look impressive and impatient. One guys assures us he'll be with us in a moment and returns to the family he's trying to sell a DV camera to. Another guy is trying to sell additional high speed memory (because it will let you take pictures back to back quicker!) and a printer to a woman who's buying a camera. Hoppie puts his hand on my shoulder to calm me down because he can see I'm about to bust into the conversation. After about 5 minutes or so of listening he relents and tells me to go break up the sale if I want by giving the lady some truths about what she needs for her digital camera, but I think that's ethically questionable. They move away to the payment station and he spends the rest of the time I'm there ringing her up. What the hell did she buy? I could ring up half the store + a service plan in less time.
We finally flag down a runner on the way somewhere and he looked harried and desperate to get away from us, but he get him to promise to find someone. Then the third guy who was helping people find a digital camera comes over and rescues him and offers to help us. We let him go and he scampers away as quickly as he can.
CCS: I'm sorry, I noticed you guys have been waiting awhile. Thanks for your patience. What can I do for you?
Me: We want that! *points to empty space*
Hoppie: It's a ... (he looks to me)
Me: 512 MB CF card.
CCS: What kind of digital camera do you have?
Me: HP.
CCS: Are you sure that's the memory it takes?
Me: (quickly and a bit tartly) I've had the camera for 4 years, I think I know what kind of memory it takes.
CCS: (taken aback) They just don't take CF anymore. (look on his face like he's not sure they ever did.)
Me: Yes, I know. They switched to SD and SmartMedia, (slight smile) I do keep up.
So he offers to go check in the back and see if they have more.
Hoppie leans over and whispers: I know you've been waiting awhile, but can I make you just wait just another minute while I ask you if you're stupid?
He's outraged. He goes on to explain that having sat here all the this time, with so many options why would we wait for just this one thing. It had to have been obvious that we walked in looking for it. Anyway, he comes back and they don't have any. He offers to order it for us. I explain that I want to make sure I can get the rebate, whichout which, it's pretty worthless. He assures me that it only needs to be purchased by that date and I can buy it tonight. Yeah, that's gonna happen. You cannot make me wait 30 minutes and expect me to hand you money and walk out without my memory. If I want service like that, I'll order on the internet. Minus the waiting part. So hoppie asks him to check and see if CC Nashua (which is where I originally wanted to buy it) has it. So he does and they do and I'll kick myself up there this afternoon.
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