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Spam, Weekend, Order of the Phoenix, Chapter 4

Got an email with the title Dads/Moms/Sons/Daughters. Now perhaps it's reflection on me, but I assume this is some type of porn thing. And I have to wonder, if incest is what the viewer is going for, how can they be sure that it is incest. I mean, if the viewer is only interested in age disparity, that's easy enough to see, but to prove an invisible, intangible relationship like, parent/child brother/sister, how?
I mean I suppose if it's video, they can work it into dialogue somehow, but then you still have the basic problem, is it real or scripted? Of course probably people don't care. They use their imaginations, if they have any, to create relationships. Maybe I'm focusing too much on the nature of truth.
Cleaned this weekend. Alot. Bleh. I hate cleaning. I'm the worst housekeeper in the history of ever.
And what no one but me has been waiting for
So Harry is now in the house and reunited with Ron and Hermione. Ron has picked up a somewhat annoying habit of calling Harry "mate." I'm led to believe this will continue throughout the book. Spiffy. I think this is probably where a lot of quasar's dissatisfaction with the book came. It takes Harry awhile to listen to his friends. He's too busy expunging his venom. I can totally relate. I've been in conversations where I can't hear past the blood rushing to head. I love that Ginny has become quite the mischievious little Weasly. Not suprising, and Percy is still a git. I wonder if Arthur was right. Not much of a gain for Fudge if Percy has moved out though. I can't imagine Fudge wouldn't have seen that coming. More likely, he wants people there who firmly believe in his greatness and will follow him no matter how stupid he is. It's a shame Arthur couldn't find some way to use that to his advantage. Also it seems a shame that the burrow is abandoned. I'm surprise Percy didn't stay (or return) when the Weasly's moved to Sirius' house. And I like the portrait.
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