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I think Rocker ate our light bulbs because I can't find any anywhere, nor yet the dregs or remains of them and now I have to try to remember what type of bulbs we need. I'll probably take hoppie's magical telescoping bulb remover and bring one down to examine.
Many odd dreams last night. I told myself I wouldn't describe then, but I'm going to anyway. Actually, I'll tell you about yesterdays too.

So I'm on the train with the two older children who understand slightly more English than they speak at any rate. I finally get them settled on the train or bus or whatever it was when the conductor tells us we're overloaded and anyone who's not with x group should change. Of course there are still spaces after most of the people leave, but the conductor is trying to convince me we'd be ever so much happier on the train with a meal car that leaves in 20 minutes. And I'm thinking, with two rambuctious children who want to look at everything and don't speak English you want me to switch trains, and be happy about it. But he's probably right. The kids probably would be happier on the next train with more to see and do and get into so I get off and try to heard them to the next bus stop where we will catch this magical dinner car train, assuming we can find it, and it exists. Because I finally find the area where it shoudl be, but there's no train anywhere near that time.
I finally wake up and go back to sleep ending up in Louisville where I pull out some of the toys I had for my nephew (particularly a set of interlocking plastic panels) for the kids to play with before we try to catch another train back to Boston. But not before I get some Long John Silver's, go figure.

This one takes place in Louisville again, on Bardstown road where the Showcase Cinemas is (was?) The building now has a sort of rounded front with a large open lobby with many windows and double glass doors. The offices are off that main lobby. There's a couple of offices that open directly into the lobby and many more off the three or four corridors that lead deeper into the office. My office is off to the right. My first day was friday and I ordered a chocolate/mint ice cream cake for someone who was having a birthday. Randy was my boss again, just like he'd been at the last startup I went to. I get the feeling he contacted me about the job. I didn't get to stick around for the arrival of the cake, and I'd forgotten about it by the time I showed up at the office again on the weekend. But then while I was talking to my coworkers, I remembered and asked about it and it was out on the reception desk. Most of it eaten, but the rest sorta melted inside the cake. Since the top and bottom layers actually seemed to be cake and the ice cream was in the middle. I went over to my office and down the hall someone on the phone was saying that they had a girl in the office who took care of such things and just like that I became the fuction arranger. Let that be a lesson to you never volunteer.
Then I went home and had trouble finding my car. I ended up using the door lock/unlock feature to lead me to it like Marco Polo. I had parked near a large post (that I swear wasn't there before) and that's why it had been so hard to find.

Another office building. Me and random current coworker (coworker2, if you must know) were walking down a hall, not together, just at the same time, and chatting as you do when you're walking the same way at the same time as someone else, and we get to the candy kiosk that lives in the building (not real. This is a multi-office complex, not like where I actually work) and I'm looking around trying to decide if I should replace my lunch with chocolate when I run into an old friend, Caryn (not that Caryn, the other one.). We didn't get on much as kids, but she seems very happy to see me, so I make friendly noises. She insists on a hug. It's very awkward. But while she's making all these happy noises (and I politely responding in kind), another friend (not real) named Laura V...something shows up from a back room. It's odd because earlier in the dream I ran into another (not real) old friend Lara Savauge and we all used to hang in HS (so the dream postulates.) So I get out my palm to give her the number, but I can't find it. I'm using "smart lookup (A phonemagic feature) so even if I've misspelled her name, it should come up, but it isn't. Finally I write down my address for her while it's searching and then after it fails again, I do a sort by entry date and go to the end, there it is. I explain to the heckler behind me that I've found a bug in PalmOS that it won't search as many address records as I have. So I start writing down her address, first on paper, then when I realize I don't have any paper that I can read, back into the palm it goes. And then I woke up.

And while I'm rambling, I called CC in Nashua about the CF card. They put it aside for me. The only complaint I might have had is the guy I spoke to was in such a hurry to leave, he kinda rushed me. But their cellphones didn't really interest me anyway, so there!
But at least he didn't insult me!
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